Bovi, S.A. is a family business that was started in 1986 by Mr. José Hernández Pérez, also known as PEPE SEBASTIÁN, and Mr. Sebastián Hernández González, the 3rd & 4th generation of a cattle dealer family. The business seat is in Alcantarilla (MURCIA).

Our origins come from the late years of the 19th century, when Mr. José Hernández Almela, “Pepe el de la Morena”, started dealing in mules, both for work and meat animals. His son, Mr. Sebastián Hernández Jara, continued in early 20th century, teaching the job to his son, Mr. José Hernández Pérez.

When tractors appeared, they made land work easier and improved the activity, but then mules became redundant and they ended as meat production. Mr. José Hernández Pérez understood well the business and he started exporting animals to France to be slaughtered.

Thanks to his mule-trading contacts in France and as he needed to start dealing with other meat animals, PEPE SEBASTIÁN saw that the new business was in cow livestock, because Spain, already lacking livestock, welcome the cattle imported from France, which were genetically better animals and this translated in a better beef production.

The business was continued by his son Mr. Sebastián Hernández González, and they extended the activity to fattening calves, supplying the main slaughterhouses in the country and starting exportation to several European countries.

It was in 2000 when they turned to export live cattle, and aimed to develop the Middle East market in our country, and opened maritime relations with Lebanon.

Nowadays, Mr. Sebastián Hernández González and his sons, José Hernández Pacheco & Sebastián Hernández Pacheco, are the 4th & 5th generations, adapted to modern times, with more than 6 decades of exporting experience, with around 70000-80000 calves per year. They are present in Middle East countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, well consolidated in Cow livestock and starting in Sheep livestock.